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“The windows of your locomotive are stained glass, spilling panes of
lush colour across you. In the High Wilderness, the light of the stars is
enchanting. Looking too long can stir consuming obsessions, or wild
fascinations. The coloured glass offers some small defence.”

Queen Victoria has brought London into the heavens. The High Wilderness stretches out ahead of you; cruel, unwelcoming, and filled with opportunity. 

Here you make your living as a Skyfarer, working on board a locomotive jury-rigged to fly through these cold skies and raging winds. Your captain has taken you to the Reach, a frontier on the edge of civilisation, in search of fame, fortune and adventure.

You will change out here, where the Empire’s light falters and casts deep shadows, where rebels stake their claim on fragments of sky-rock riddled with fungus, where pillagers dig into ruins built by the now-dead sun. 

Players form the crew of a spacefaring steam locomotive. Gunners, quartermasters, engineers, signallers – even mascots – are brought to the fore as the Captain is struck down by misfortune and the crew must band together to get out of (or into) many surprising kinds of trouble.

Using a simple dice-based system, Skyfarer allows players and gamemasters to easily tell stories set in the Fallen London universe with plenty of climactic moments, tense stand-offs, and grim decisions. As characters risk life and limb, they’ll accrue Peril – the more Peril they have, the greater the chance of them meeting a grisly and permanent end.

Luckily, things are made easier by spending Tenacity – a resource earned by acting in accordance with your character’s drives and beliefs. But how will those integrities change, now you’re out on the frontier of Victoria’s Empire?

Originally released in September 2018 to accompany the PC, Mac and Linux game Sunless Skies, Skyfarer is set in the Fallen London universe. It was written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor of Rowan, Rook and Decard, with narrative direction by Chris Gardiner of Failbetter Games. The additional story supplement is by Chris Gardiner.

Thanks to player Lucky Red Seven for making a version of the character sheet which you can fill in digitally!


Skyfarer_SkyStories_Supplement.pdf 488 kB
Skyfarer_Fillable_Sheet.pdf 265 kB
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I was actually hoping for something like this! the setting of the sunless games are absolutely amazing and perfect for tabletop rpg!

Fun Game i like the art style!

so you cant use this system for fallen london? Its just the sky part of the story? Cause TBH i much much prefer the worldbuilding of the underground and the unterzee.


There is nothing at all to stop you! The skies (hoho) are the limit. It works best when you're a team of people, so it's easiest to transfer to Sunless Sea, but a Fallen London expedition or similar would also work. It's up to you. :)